T Shirts

 "It's a tragic tale that plays out countless times every day on re-runs of classic Star Trek. Captain Kirk & Co. beam down to an alien planet. They come under attack by some malevolent energy being or dudes in rubber suits. Security crewmen wearing red shirts get vaporized, stabbed, and poisoned by booby-trapped flowers. Being a "Red Shirt" on the USS Enterprise is one of the most dangerous jobs in any (imaginary) military."  - David Axe, Wired

Red Shirt Orders Are Open through January 31.

Wear it to dance lessons, shopping for your prom attire, and everywhere else. These great shirts were designed by our Student ACTION Team, and are only available to purchase until November 19.  Hope you'll join in on the fun of "beating the odds" in your red shirt!  

There are three styles to choose from, and all styles and sizes are $20 including shipping. Order yours now at The Store.

As always, t-shirt purchases are non-refundable.

 Close-Up Shirt Front
 Front - Unisex Back - All Styles
 Front - Ladies V Neck
Front - Unisex V Neck


All shirts are 100% cotton. 
The unisex shirts are generally true to size.
For the ladies v-neck shirt, the supplier suggests that you buy one size larger than your usual size.


The cost of shipping is included in the price of the shirts, and we will have them in the mail to you in plenty of time for you to wear them to the first dance lesson! All shirts will be mailed to the address on your Family Profile for "Parent One", so be sure that address is correct.

Your T-Shirt Purchase Helps Prom

We are always looking for ways to keep the cost of attending TxCHP as low as possible. Our "profits" from the sale of t-shirts will be used for prom expenses.

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