Tickets & Vouchers

Each registered homeschool student may purchase one ticket and optionally, one guest voucher at The Store when ticket sales open. Please check that you have updated your information (Job Interest Survey and Policy Agreement must be entered anew for 2017) if your registration information was retained from last year.

Opening Sales Date

Ticket and voucher sales will open mid-November.


$125 for each ticket and each guest voucher.


We use Paypal for our payment conduit, but a Paypal account is not required.  Most bank cards are accepted, and all purchases are non-refundable.


Tickets sales will open in mid-November.  Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest information.  The number of tickets sold was increased each year; however, in 2013, we sold out in 3 days, in 2014, we sold out in 40 hours and in 2015, tickets were sold out in 10 hours!

Guest vouchers and tickets sell out at the same time. We have a maximum number of seats available at prom, and both tickets and guest vouchers represent a person filling one of those seats. 

Making Your Purchase

All ticket purchasers must be registered before they will be able to purchase a ticket.  If you register before ticket sales open, you will just need to sign in to your account and access The Store when ticket sales open.

No Paper Tickets

We do not produce paper tickets. You will receive an email receipt from Prom and from Paypal, and you will be able to view all your purchases from your Family Profile. We do mail keepsake invitations, but they are not required for entry to prom.

Guest Voucher Redemption

Guest Vouchers may be redeemed by a registered guest, alumnus, or another homeschool student anytime after ticket sales open until February 10, 2017. Anyone redeeming a guest voucher must be registered.

Redemption is a two-step process that begins on the homeschool student's dashboard. A red icon will appear when the student has purchased a guest voucher. The icon will turn yellow when an invitation has been sent to redeem the voucher, and green when the voucher is accepted. Detailed instructions will be emailed to each purchaser of a guest voucher and to their invited guest.

  • The purchaser of the guest voucher must invite the guest to redeem the voucher by entering the guest’s email address (this must be the same email address which appears on the guest’s registration). An email with detailed redemption instructions is automatically sent to the guest.
  • The guest then must redeem the voucher using their own prom account.

Transferring Tickets and Guest Vouchers

If a purchased ticket or guest voucher is no longer needed and prom is sold out, it may be transferred to someone else via the Transfer Request page. The recipient may use it as either a ticket or a voucher.

If you have any questions, please send an email to promtickets@txchp.com.


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