While all prom purchases are non-refundable, they are transferable if prom tickets have sold out.

Tickets, Guest Vouchers, Group Seating, and Photo Packages purchases may be transferred when the original purchaser makes the request by completing a Transfer Request. The recipient must be registered for prom before the transfer can be completed.

Tickets and Guest Vouchers

When transferred, tickets and guest vouchers are interchangeable. The transfer recipient may use a ticket for a guest or a Guest Voucher for their own ticket as long as all eligibility requirements are met.


Transfers of  Tickets, Guest Vouchers, Group Seating, and Photo Packages may be completed from the time ticket sales close until February 10.

Transfer Completion

All transfer requests are reviewed by the Registration Team Lead.  The requestor and recipient will be notified when transfers are complete.


There are no transfer fees.

Tickets Wanted/Available Forum

For your convenience, the TxCHP Ticket Forum on Facebook is specifically for people who want tickets or have tickets available. The forum opens after tickets are sold out.


All financial arrangements are strictly between the original purchaser and the recipient. Scalping activities are strictly prohibited, and we reserve the right to cancel tickets without refund if scalping is suspected.


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