Group Seating

Group Seating allows groups of students to be seated together in the dining room, and may be purchased at The Store when ticket sales open. Sales close February 10th at 5:00 P.M. and all seats must be confirmed.

How Many People Are In Your Group?

  • 1-3: Request a mini group which is free
  • 4-6: Small Group Seatings may be purchased at the Store for $30
  • 7-12: Large Group Seatings may be purchased at the Store for $60
  • More than 12: You may link group seating purchases together to accomodate large groups. See Linked Groups below.
Group Seating may be requested (Mini Group) or purchased (Small and Large Groups) by any prom student with a ticket. Prom students with guest vouchers are not eligible to purchase group seating. Group Seating purchases are non-refundable.
ALL students must be confirmed in a group seating to be seated in the ballroom, even if attending alone. 

Group Host

The person who requests or purchases the group seating is the group host. Group hosts are automatically seated with the group, so please don’t request or purchase group seating if you do not intend to sit with that group! Each student may only request or purchase one group seating. 

Mini Groups (1-3 people)


Mini Groups of 3 or less will be seated together when one of the party requests a mini group and invites the others. Unfortunately, mini groups cannot be linked with the purchased Small and Large Group Reservations.

Requesting a Mini Group

Sign into your prom account and click on your name. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Mini Group (1-3) box. Click where indicated, and you will be taken to the page to submit your request for a Mini Group (1-3).

 DO NOT sign up for a Mini Group if you have 4 or more students in your group.

Linked Groups (more than 1 purchased group seating)

Very large groups may have more than 12 people who would like to sit close together. Hosts can request that their group seating be linked to another group seating on the Group Seating Guest List page. Be sure you know the host's name of the group you wish to be linked with. We will make every attempt to seat such groups at adjacent tables.



Hosts may begin to invite people to sit with them as soon as the group seating is purchased. The host has complete control of who is invited to sit with the group. The host enters the email addresses of the people they wish to invite, and the prom system automatically sends each person an invitation. (Be sure to use only the email that was used to register with prom. Parent 1 or student.) Only students with tickets and guests who have redeemed a guest voucher may be invited.

Deleting Invitations

The host may choose to delete an invitation, even if it has already been confirmed, and invite someone else to fill that seat. Generally, this is due to some “musical chairs” as linked groups (more than 1 purchased group seating) finalize who is seated at what table.

If a confirmed group member is deleted from the group, the impacted student is notified by email that they may now confirm with a different group.


Each person who receives a group seating invitation must confirm or decline it (detailed instructions are in the emailed invitation). Unconfirmed invitations are considered empty seats. Each student may only be confirmed with one group reservation. (Be sure to decline an unwanted invitation right away to insure your email address is available to the preferred group host.) 

"Empty" Seats

Group Seating reservations close on February 10th at 5:00 pm. At that time, any unused seats are released back into the prom seating inventory and will be assigned to other students. All confirmed group members will still be seated together.


Group seating may be transferred to another student at the request of the original purchaser until February 10th. You must fill out a transfer request, found under My Account. Follow the directions to complete the request. Transfers are not final until the request is complete and approved by a member of the prom team. Group seating is non-refundable.


If you have questions, please send an email to the Group Seating Coordinator.

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