Professional Photography

Pre-Purchase Photo Package Option

Professional photo packages may be pre-purchased from The Store anytime from the day ticket sales open until February 10.

There will be an opportunity for your student to have their professional photos taken in the afternoon on the day of prom.  Students who do so will be able to enter an expedited lane for student check in that evening. If you pre-ordered your photo package, click here to sign up.

If your student does not get their professional picture taken before entering prom they will be able to do so either at the time of check in or anytime before midnight that evening.

Purchase on Prom Night

You may also purchase a photo package on prom night, but most students prefer not to take time on prom night to make the purchase. We accept cash, checks, and debit or credit cards.


George Lucas package $50: 2 8x10, 2 5x7, 4 4x6, 8 wallets

Walt Disney package  $35: 1 8x10, 2 5x7, 4 4x6

Stan Lee package $25:  2 5x7, 2 4x6

More than one photo package may be purchased per student. All pre-purchased photo packages are non-refundable. Sorry, we are unable to refund any prepaid photo packages if the students forget to have their picture taken. Package Redemption and Photo Selection instructions will be emailed to the person listed as "Parent One" on the Family Profile following prom.

Candid And Casual

Candid Photos

Parent photographers take professional quality pictures using state-of-the-art equipment all throughout the prom for the entire evening. These photos will begin to be uploaded to the Prom account on SmugMug before prom ends, and may be downloaded for free. You may also purchase prints of prom night pictures from our SmugMug account. The prices are reasonable and the prints will be shipped directly to you. Candid photos from several previous proms are available on SmugMug. The SmugMug password is currently "parisprom" no quotes, no capitals, one space. The password will change on prom night as the new photos are uploaded. SmugMug purchases help us keep the prom ticket prices at their current level.

Bring Your Own Camera or Smart Phone

Chaperones and other adults will be available in the prefunction area and ballroom to take pictures with the students' cameras or phones throughout the evening.

Please send any questions about photos for Prom 2017 to promphotos@txhcp.com




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