You Should Be Dancing!

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Kam Hunt, DJ


We are happy to announce that KAM HUNT will join us this year as our DJ. Kam was a full scholarship, four-year letterman in football at Texas Christian University where he graduated with a degree in Radio/TV/Film. After TCU, Kam went on to do voiceover radio commercials for McDonalds, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Rent-A-Center and Radio Shack. He also had a principal role in the film Friday Night Lights. Kam is not only a music producer and a DJ, but he is also a pastor at Gateway Church, one of the largest churches in America.

Song Requests

Please send special requests or song suggestions to the prom music team by filling out the 2017 Song Suggestions no later than February 10th. You can only use this form once, so think carefully about your top 5 choices and your suggestion for the Senior Song. 

Keep in mind it must meet our standards. Inappropriate language and subject matter will not be considered as options by our music team. Many songs are great to listen to, but are difficult to dance to.

Senior Dance

At midnight, Seniors and their guests own the dance floor. 

Dance Etiquette

"Remember, a smile is your greatest asset. The more of them that you give away, the more you get. Use a smile to ask for a dance, to accept the invitation, during the dance, and at the end of the dance when you thank your partner. Everyone wants to feel that the person with whom he/she just danced enjoyed it." - Star Dance Studio

To enhance your prom experience, read and follow these basic prom etiquette rules.




Plan Ahead: Prepare for a social activity that involves sharing your personal space with others. Shower, use deodorant and mouthwash, minimize the colognes and perfumes, and pack mints. If offered a mint, consider that there may be a reason, and take one or check your breath. If you perspire profusely, consider bringing an extra shirt to change, if needed. The number one reason why people don't want to dance with another person is how he/she smells. Remember, Prom stocks the bathrooms with items that you may use throughout the evening, including deodorant, mouthwash, mints, and body sprays.


Dress to Impress: Wear clothing that does not restrict you or your partner's movement. Clothing and hair styles/adornments should not have moving parts that will hit or snag on your partner or your partner's clothing. Follow the dress code for prom. It's fun to dress up once in a while!


You're Invited: Accept an invitation to dance whenever possible. If you must refuse, please give an acceptable reason, such as you need a rest or you have promised the dance to someone else. Do not then accept someone else’s offer for the same dance. When possible, offer to dance the next dance or a future dance. You are never obligated to accept invitations from anyone who has treated you less than respectfully, and we encourage you to report such behavior to a chaperone.


The New Millennium: It's acceptable for women as well as men to request a dance. If the person you are asking is with someone, be respectful and considerate to that person, but do not ask the partner for permission for the dance. This is passé and potentially offensive. Ask the individual directly.


Variety is the Spice of Life: Be willing to dance with all levels of partners, including beginners. Don’t monopolize a dancer, especially one who is a better dancer than you. To ensure a diversity of partnerships on the floor, and to give everyone the opportunity to dance, etiquette suggests not asking the same partner for more than two consecutive dances.


Be Kind: Never criticize your partner's dancing or blame your partner for a misstep. The single biggest secret to success in social dancing, or any kind of partner dancing for that matter, is to make your partner happy. Make your partner feel appreciated and as comfortable as possible. Thank your partner at the end of the dance and walk with him or her off the dance floor unless they are picked up by his or her next partner. Remember, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Matthew 7:12


Line of Dance: When engaging in a dance that usually travels, follow the line of dance. Travel counter-clockwise around the perimeter of the floor. If you are not traveling, stay in the center of the floor. The spot dancers should leave the perimeter of the floor to the traveling dancers. Do not stop and talk on the dance floor for a significant length of time or backup into moving dancers.


Group Dances: In the event of group dances, (Virginia Reel, Heel-Toe Polka) those who attended dance lessons need to help organize the dance floor so the dance can commence. Dance floor chaperones will assist dancers on the perimeter of the dance floor with instructions.


Accidents Happen: Avoid collisions and protect your partner. If a collision happens, briefly apologize, no matter whose fault it was. Be careful not to push or pull your partner on the dance floor and throw him/her in the direction of other dancers. Ladies, you can help to avoid incidents by warning your partner of traffic behind him, either verbally or by squeezing his hand/arm. And, before you extend your arm in that long stylish reach, check to be sure no one's eye or other body part is in the way.


Ending the Dance: After the dance is finished and before parting, thank your partner. If you enjoyed the dance, let your partner know. Compliment your partner on his/her dancing. Be generous, even if he/she is not the greatest of dancers. Leave the floor as quickly as it is gracefully possible. Tradition requires that the gentleman give his arm to the lady and take her back to her seat at the end of the dance.

 Many of these tips are directly from a list compiled by and used with the permission of Star Dance Studio.

Swing Dance Contest

Take the opportunity to show those amazing moves and maybe win something! You and your partner may register on the night of prom at the dance contest table and get your number for the contest. Our dance instructors and a few chaperones will judge the contest.

  • Traditional (boy/girl) couples only
  • You may bring alternate clothing for the contest; girls, please wear biking shorts or something similar under your skirt. Clothing must still follow prom dress code.
  • Hannah, one of our amazing dance instructors for 2 years, has created two videos discussing and demonstrating acceptable and unacceptable aerials. If you plan to compete, please view them.

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