Code of Conduct & Youth Protection

The Texas Christian Homeschool Prom requires all ladies and gentlemen (students and adults) to conduct themselves in a proper and decorous manner at all prom functions, including workdays and dance lessons. Violations may result in expulsion from the event, including prom.


Appropriate Behavior Includes

  • Courtesy and respect for chaperones, staff, and each other
  • Appropriate etiquette 


  • Public Displays of Affection
    • Kissing
    • Carressing or extended embracing
    • Girls sitting on boys laps or vice versa
  • Inappropriate Dancing
    • Body against body
    • Groping
    • Provocative movements/Dirty Dancing/Twerking
    • Moshing
    • Body Surfing
  • Leaving Prom Unescorted
    • If you need to leave temporarily a chaperone will escort you
    • If you leave unchaperoned, you will not be allowed back into prom
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco, E-cigs or vaping
  • Disrespectful or violent behavior

Youth Protection Policy

Texas Christian Homeschool Prom is staffed by volunteers, parents of the home school attendees. These leaders serve in a variety of capacities on the night of prom most of which involve direct interaction with students.  

Two-Deep Leadership 

For the protection of parents and students, parents are instructed to always be in “two-deep leadership” when interacting with students. Two-deep leadership means that adults are never alone with students and that there are always two adults present in interaction with students. The implication of this rule protects against inappropriate behavior by either party.  It is the parent volunteer’s responsibility to make sure that this rule is adhered to at all times during all TxCHP events. Adherence to this policy protects from the occurrence of inappropriate situations----including but not limited to inappropriate conversations, molestation, physical and mental abuse, false accusations, and any other behavior that falls into this sphere.   


In the event that allegations are made against a volunteer, TxCHP Board of Directors reserves the right to expel said volunteer from any and all events associated with TxCHP.  In addition, TxCHP Board of Directors is required to report the incident to the proper authorities. Furthermore, TxCHP cannot be held responsible for foresaid abusive conduct by volunteers at TxCHP events. 


So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. Matthew 7:12

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